Wrist Braces

Sorry for the long hiatus, it’s nearing finals week at school and that means plenty to do, as well as some work on my portfolio in hopes of getting a job. Here’s a 3D model (or at least some pictures of it) of a wrist brace for 3D printing (WIP) that I’ve been cooking up on the side. The one here is only a half-brace because the other half would be fabric/textile, as this is assuming only rigid materials available.

Wrist Brace View 1 Wrist Brace View 2 Wrist Brace View 3 Wrist Brace View 4 Wrist Brace View 5 Wrist Brace View 6

I’ll probably post the other design I have in mind soon, which would use more flexible 3D printing materials, as well as the refined version of this one. Hopefully I’ll also get this one finished enough to actually 3D print sometime soon and use it myself :) After quite a bit more thought and effort I may be able to post a design for a neck/upper back/shoulder brace as well… but that’s quite a bit more complicated than this one, and will likely take a lot of time to get on here. Any suggestions/hints/tips from any folks out there?



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